Domestic Animals and their characteristics

Watch and learn about different domestic animals:

A Dog feeds on meat and bones,the dog is also known as a man's best friend. A dog can guard the house for the entire day.

A Cat has lot of fur, the cat feeds on rats and fish.
A Donkey is considered the strongest domestic animal, a donkey can carry lots of load on its back. A Donkey also has lots of patience.

The Camel is the tallest domestic animal, a camel can live without water for many days.The Camel is also known as the ship of the desert.

The Cow is the best domestic animal, the cow gives milk. A cow's milk is very health.

The Horse is the fastest runner, the horse is strong and tall.
The Goat has very sharp horns, it also has lot of fur. The goat is also a good climber.

The Rabbit is the smallest domestic animal, rabbits feed on grass and vegetables. The rabbit are also very good jumpers.

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