How Can You Be A Good Friend? Animated Story

This story is about five good friends, who were very confused about the yellowing of leaves and falling of leaves from the tree.
They worry as they think it may be because the trees are dying. Since trees are VAAYU uncle's friends they bring it to his notice. VAAYU tells them that there is nothing to worry about, revealing that the fall has arrived a time when trees shed their leaves. VAAYU also tells them that trees are everybody's true friends.
Watch to find out why the trees sheds their leaves and different
types trees.

The Rubber trees are strong, they are sticky. Rubber trees
produce rubber.
Save trees, trees are the best friends of humans.
The Banyan trees are very big, their branches hang to the ground and are very strong.Banyan trees can live up to 100 years.
The Gulmohar tree has feather like flowers, its red in color.
The Pine trees are very tall trees, they have needle like leafs.
The Oak trees are the biggest tress, the oak trees have very big barks.
The teak wood tress have very strong barks. Teak-wood trees gives wood.
Save trees, trees are the best friends of humans.


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