Non Stop Famous Animated Nursery Rhyme Collection For Kids

Animated Nursery Rhymes Collection For Kids, Non Stop Famous Rhymes.
THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF NURSERY RHYMES is an enchanted land, where Nursery Rhymes characters live. Join the "Story Teller" as she reads to us from her magic book.

But don't forget to join in and sing along to the Nursery Rhymes!

Magical Rhymes-

1. Flowers Flowers natures gift, every were we see....
2. Vegetables Yippi ya, Yippi yay Eat vegetables everyday.....
3. Trees Trees give you flowers, Trees give you fruits......
4. Fruits Yippi ya, Yippi yay let's guess the fruits name today...
5. Domestic Animals They live all around us, they help us everyday...
6. WATERWORLD (Marine animals) Oh dear maya! Oh dear vaayu!......
7. 'Feathered Friends' (Birds) Chitter Chatter. Flutter Flutter co co co. Come close .........

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